The new wave of ethical shopping

Hey beautiful people, Welcome to ekko

The transformative app, debit card and ecosystem that turns the tide on climate change, without you doing anything different. If saving the world without breaking a sweat is your bag.

Save the world in simple ways

A coffee here, a tree there​

We combine fintech, marketplace, open banking and retail into 
one transformative app – where every transaction has a positive reaction.

You just keep doing all the stuff you’d usually do, like shopping, banking, or paying bills, via the ekko App, and you’ll make a tangible difference to climate change.

Turning the tide on climate change,
one tap at a time

Here’s how it works

It’s effortless, simply start using the ekko debit card and you’ll be spreading good vibes around the world

Join ekko

Subscribe to ekko and every time you use your ekko debit card you’ll be spreading good vibes around the world by planting trees and preventing plastic from entering our oceans


Positive change

Every five transactions on your card pays for one ocean bound plastic bottle to be collected.
Every fifty transactions will pay 
for a tree to be planted. Shop on our marketplace of sustainable products 
and services.

Track your impact

Watch your own tree count and bottle count grow in the app. We use the latest technology to show you your carbon footprint from everything you’ve bought. Get alerted every time you plant another tree or prevent another plastic bottle from entering our ocean

Save the world

Every coffee, book, weekly shop and tap of the card is one more towards you planting a forest and collecting 000s of bottles.

Our Partners

Our trees, our bottles

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Partnership with Mastercard®

ekko has partnered with Mastercard to launch in the UK and soon Europe. We’re proud of our partnership and how we’ll allow our customers to make a real difference.

Priceless planet coalition

Trees are planted in partnership with the Mastercard priceless planet coalition. Each tree is maintained to make sure they have the biggest possible impact.
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Ocean bound plastics

We are partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic who will clean our world of plastic bottles thanks to the impact our customers will make when using ekko.
Come change the world!

Every transaction, a positive reaction

Hey there, beautiful! We’re turning the tide on climate change and everyone is invited, dig it? Check out this video from our founders to learn more about ekko and why we believe that #positivechange and good vibes are coming. Groovy!

Join ekko

If saving the world without breaking a sweat is your bag, sign up to our wait list now and save five bottles straight away – right on!

Who are we?

Meet the team behind ekko

Timon Haringa
Mobile Engineer
Aeron Gonzales
QA Engineer
Manish Vara
Co-Founder & Head of Ops
Oli Cook
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Lambert
Stephen Garland
Board Advisor
John Sills
Board Advisor
Etienne Smith
Michael Maas
Product Manager
Tom Greenwood
Co-Founder & NED
Simon Toller
Co-Founder & CFO
Ashleigh Tasker
Project Manager
Graeme Harris
Lead Engineer
Matteo Kalogirou
Backend Engineer
Suchada Kaewyoun
Mobile Engineer


To have the biggest impact on our climate, our customers will be planting trees in partnership with the Mastercard priceless planet coalition. Each tree planted is based on the latest research on geography, biodiversity and weather conditions. Every tree is maintained for the first 5 years to make sure they survive and grow into adult trees. 

We are partnered with the award winning Prevented Ocean Plastic who work to clean our world of plastic bottles, as customers use their ekko debit card they will be collecting bottles before they enter our oceans and recycling them.

We’re busy testing and will be onboarding our first customers at the end of the summer

The ekko card is produced by Thames Technology and ekko became the first globally to adopt their eco-range. The card is produced using a post-industrial recycled PVC core along with a degradable overlay.

We’ll email you when your turn is up with your special code. We’re going to launch on a first-come first-serve basis so the sooner you join the waitlist, the better.

our money is safeguarded under the EU Electronic Money Directive 2009/110/EC and UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011. That means your money with ekko is held in a segregated client account at an authorised bank in accordance with the FCA requirements and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Due to this the money in your ekko account (which is an electronic money account) is required to be held in a different way to money in bank accounts. It must be held in a completely segregated manner, which means that ekko has no access to your money for its own purposes. If ekko (or any of its service providers) become insolvent, your money cannot be touched, and would continue to be kept safe within the bank for you.